Lioness Rampant Dream Cast: Ioan Gruffudd (King Arthur, The Secret of Moonacre) as George Cooper, the Rogue.

Pierce describes George as tan, leanly muscled, with hazel eyes.  I chose Gruffudd because not only does he fit those parameters, but he also has that wit about him - watch King Arthur. He plays Sir Lancelot du Snark.

For me, George has to be played by someone who can convey his incredible powers of perception and deception.  He’s definitely capable of fighting, but he’s always going to try to use his brains first (as opposed to Jonathan as a young man, whose first resort is typically his fist or his magic).  Gruffudd’s got a slighter build than Cavill, highlighting the physical differences between Jon and George.

Also, the third picture just reminds me of how ragged Alanna runs him, what with her questing and fighting and undertaking of hopeless causes.  Teehee.

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    I don’t know how many times I and the long-ago poster who first suggested it have to say that Ioan Gruffudd is RAOUL,...
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