Lioness Rampant Dream Cast: Ray Stevenson (Rome, King Arthur, Thor) as Coram Smythesson.

Um.  Volstagg = Coram.  Do I really need to explain it?

Actually, that’s not the only reason.  Watch Rome or King Arthur, and you’ll see that Stevenson has the gruff-soldier-bit down pat. He’s also burly and dark-haired, which is really the only physical description we get of Coram in the series, IIRC. 

Coram, for me, is the oft-underappreciated heart of the series.  He’s always got Alanna’s best interests at heart, and although he never claims to be her father-figure (and supports Myles in his assumption of that role), he really is one of the most important people in her life.  I just have a lot of Coram feelings.

Also he is Volstagg.

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